Broadband in Spaldwick

Full-fibre gigabit broadband should arrive in Spaldwick during 2021, to continue our 18-year broadband journey to better broadband. We entered the ‘build phase’ in February 2021 and Openreach says it is on course for ‘go live’ by October 2021. For updates on the latest progress, please contact Jason Patel, who is our community representative for the Openreach Community Fibre Partnership. His email is

We were one of the first rural villages in the UK to get standard ADSL broadband, in July 2004, following a successful local demand registration scheme. Following a subsequent local village registration campaign, Spaldwick was one of the first rural villages in the UK to get ‘superfast’ fibre broadband, and received significant national attention. Fibre broadband was switched on in July 2014, and take-up in the village quickly exceeded 80% – with one of the highest take-ups in Cambridgeshire and the UK. The ultimate broadband technology – called Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) – should arrive during 2021. It will offer improved reliability and download speeds up to 910 Mbps.


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