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The Spaldwick News magazine is produced every month by Spaldwick resident Chris Hubbard. It can be viewed or downloaded in PDF format below. We have every edition since the magazine started in 2008. For more information, or to submit an article, email

New! View our very latest of photos taken in Spaldwick in spring, including local wildlife and the Super Moon. Visit our Spaldwick Broadband page for the latest broadband news. Gigabit broadband is currently on course for switch-on in August 2021. Fibre cables will be installed in Burton Way and Ferriman Road between 12th and 25th May 2021.

YearMonthSpaldwick News
2021MaySpaldwick News (May 2021)
2021AprilSpaldwick News (Apr 2021)
2021MarchSpaldwick News (Mar 2021) (no paper delivery due to coronavirus)
2021FebruarySpaldwick News (Feb 2021) (no paper delivery due to coronavirus)
2020December/JanuarySpaldwick News (Dec 2020/Jan 2021)
2020NovemberSpaldwick News (Nov 2020)
2020OctoberSpaldwick News (Oct 2020)
2020SeptemberSpaldwick News (Sep 2020) (paper delivery resumed)
2020July/AugustSpaldwick News (Jul/Aug 2020) (no paper delivery due to coronavirus)
2020JuneSpaldwick News (June 2020) (no paper delivery due to coronavirus)
2020MaySpaldwick News (May 2020) (no paper delivery due to coronavirus)
2020AprilSpaldwick News (Apr 2020)
2020MarchSpaldwick News (Mar 2020)
2020FebruarySpaldwick News (Feb 2020)
2019DecemberSpaldwick News (Dec 2019/Jan 2020)
2019NovemberSpaldwick News (Nov 2019)
2019OctoberSpaldwick News (Oct 2019)
2019SeptemberSpaldwick News (Sep 2019)
2019July/AugustSpaldwick News (July/Aug 2019)
2019JuneSpaldwick News (June 2019)
2019MaySpaldwick News (May 2019)
2019AprilSpaldwick News (Apr 2019)
2019MarchSpaldwick News (Mar 2019)
2019FebruarySpaldwick News (Feb 2019)
2018December/JanuarySpaldwick News (Dec 2018)
2018NovemberSpaldwick News (Nov 2018)
2018OctoberSpaldwick News (Oct 2018)
2018SeptemberSpaldwick News (Sep 2018) (first edition produced by Chris Hubbard)
2018July and AugustSpaldwick News (July 2018)
2018JuneSpaldwick News (June 2018)
2018MarchSpaldwick News (Mar 2018)
2018FebruarySpaldwick News (Feb 2018)
2018JanuarySpaldwick News (Jan 2018)
2017DecemberSpaldwick News (Dec 2017)
2017NovemberSpaldwick News (Nov 2017)
2017OctoberSpaldwick News (Oct 2017)
2017SeptemberSpaldwick News (Sep 2017)
2017AugustSpaldwick News (Aug 2017)
2017JulySpaldwick News (Jul 2017)
2017JuneSpaldwick News (Jun 2017)
2017MaySpaldwick News (May 2017)
2017AprilSpaldwick News (Apr 2017)
2017MarchSpaldwick News (Mar 2017)
2017FebruarySpaldwick News (Feb 2017)
2017JanuarySpaldwick News (Jan 2017)
2016DecemberSpaldwick News (Dec 2016)
2016NovemberSpaldwick News (Nov 2016)
2016OctoberSpaldwick News (Oct 2016)
2016SeptemberSpaldwick News (Sep 2016)
2016AugustSpaldwick News (Aug 2016)
2016JulySpaldwick News (July 2016)
2016JuneSpaldwick News (June 2016)
2016MaySpaldwick News (May 2016)
2016AprilSpaldwick News (Apr 2016)
2016MarchSpaldwick News (Mar 2016)
2016FebruarySpaldwick News (Feb 2016)
2016JanuarySpaldwick News (Jan 2016)
2015DecemberSpaldwick News (Dec 2015)
2015NovemberSpaldwick News (Nov 2015)
2015OctoberSpaldwick News (Oct 2015)
2015SeptemberSpaldwick News (Sep 2015)
2015AugustSpaldwick News (Aug 2015)
2015JulySpaldwick News (Jul 2015)
2015JuneSpaldwick News (Jun 2015)
2015MaySpaldwick News (May 2015)
2015AprilSpaldwick News (Apr 2015)
2015MarchSpaldwick News (Mar 2015)
2015FebruarySpaldwick News (Feb 2015)
2015JanuarySpaldwick News (Jan 2015)
2014DecemberSpaldwick News (Dec 2014)
2014NovemberSpaldwick News (Nov 2014)
2014OctoberSpaldwick News (Oct 2014)
2014SeptemberSpaldwick News (Sep 2014)
2014AugustSpaldwick News (Aug 2014)
2014JulySpaldwick News (Jul 2014)
2014JuneSpaldwick News (Jun 2014)
2014MaySpaldwick News (May 2014)
2014AprilSpaldwick News (Apr 2014)
2014MarchSpaldwick News (Mar 2014)
2014FebruarySpaldwick News (Feb 2014)
2014JanuarySpaldwick News (Jan 2014)
2013DecemberSpaldwick News (Dec 2013)
2013NovemberSpaldwick News (Nov 2013)
2013OctoberSpaldwick News (Oct 2013)
2013SeptemberSpaldwick News (Sep 2013)
2013AugustSpaldwick News (Aug 2013)
2013JulySpaldwick News (Jul 2013)
2013JuneSpaldwick News (Jun 2013)
2013MaySpaldwick News (May 2013)
2013AprilSpaldwick News (Apr 2013)
2013MarchSpaldwick News (Mar 2013)
2013FebruarySpaldwick News (Feb 2013)
2013JanuarySpaldwick News (Jan 2013)
2012DecemberSpaldwick News (Dec 2012)
2012NovemberSpaldwick News (Nov 2012)
2012OctoberSpaldwick News (Oct 2012)
2012SeptemberSpaldwick News (Sep 2012)
2012AugustSpaldwick News (Aug 2012)
2012JulySpaldwick News (July 2012)
2012JuneSpaldwick News (June 2012)
2012MaySpaldwick News (May 2012)
2012AprilSpaldwick News (Apr 2012)
2012MarchSpaldwick News (Mar 2012)
2012FebruarySpaldwick News (Feb 2012)
2012JanuarySpaldwick News (Jan 2012)
2011December Spaldwick News (Dec 2011)
2011NovemberSpaldwick News (Nov 2011)
2011OctoberSpaldwick News (Oct 2011)
2011SeptemberSpaldwick News (Sep 2011)
2011July/AugustSpaldwick News (Jul/Aug 2011)
2011JuneSpaldwick News (Jun 2011)
2011MaySpaldwick News (May 2011)
2011AprilSpaldwick News (Apr 2011)
2011MarchSpaldwick News (Mar 2011)
2011FebruarySpaldwick News (Feb 2011)
2011JanuarySpaldwick News (Jan 2011)
2010DecemberSpaldwick News (Dec 2010)
2010NovemberSpaldwick News (Nov 2010)
2010OctoberSpaldwick News (Oct 2010)
2010AugustSpaldwick News (Aug 2010)
2010JulySpaldwick News (Jul 2010)
2010JuneSpaldwick News (Jun 2010)
2010MaySpaldwick News (May 2010)
2010AprilSpaldwick News (Apr 2010)
2010MarchSpaldwick News (Mar 2010)
2010FebruarySpaldwick News (Feb 2010)
2010JanuarySpaldwick News (Jan 2010)
2009DecemberSpaldwick News (Dec 2009)
2009NovemberSpaldwick News (Nov 2009)
2009OctoberSpaldwick News (Oct 2009)
2009SeptemberSpaldwick News (Sep 2009)
2009AugustSpaldwick News (Aug 2009)
2009JulySpaldwick News (Jul 2009)
2009JuneSpaldwick News (Jun 2009)
2009MaySpaldwick News (May 2009)
2009AprilSpaldwick News (Apr 2009)
2009MarchSpaldwick News (Mar 2009)
2009FebruarySpaldwick News (Feb 2009)
2009JanuarySpaldwick News (Jan 2009)
2008DecemberSpaldwick News (Dec 2008) (first edition produced by John Blatch)
2008NovemberSpaldwick News (Nov 2008)
2008OctoberSpaldwick News (Oct 2008)
2008SeptemberSpaldwick News (Sep 2008)
2008AugustSpaldwick News (Aug 2008)
2008JulySpaldwick News (Jul 2008)
2008JuneSpaldwick News (Jun 2008)
2008MaySpaldwick News (May 2008) (first edition produced by Mike Townsend)


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