The UK’s First Ultra HD TV Channel Comes to Spaldwick

Superfast broadband is now over a year old in Spaldwick. It was last August when BT was visited by Government Minister, Ed Vaizey, and BT’s Managing Director of Next Generation Access, Bill Murphy. While many villagers were extremely happy that superfast broadband had arrived in Spaldwick, some expressed the concern that this could be a … Read more

Spaldwick Continues in National Superfast Broadband Spotlight

Today Ed Vaizey announced that the Government’s broadband rollout has passed two million premises meaning that superfast broadband is now available to 80% of UK premises. Spaldwick residents have taken centre stage nationally in promoting the social and business benefits of superfast broadband. The difference that high-speed fibre broadband is making has been demonstrated in … Read more

Most Households in Spaldwick Subscribe to Superfast Broadband

Photo of a PC

We are pleased to report that take-up of superfast broadband in Spaldwick is continuing to increase. The majority of households in the village now subscribe to superfast broadband services, with nearly 140 households connected! Despite only launching less than four months ago, take-up is nearly four times the national take-up of premises using  BT’s fibre … Read more

Ed Vaizey and VIPs are Visiting Spaldwick As Connecting Cambridgeshire Celebrates 30,000 Homes Passed

[responsive_vimeo 102868047 autoplay] Spaldwick is receiving an unexpected surprise today – a visit by Digital Economy Minister Ed Vaizey – as Connecting Cambridgeshire celebrates a major superfast broadband milestone – 30,000 homes passed already! Here is the official press release: DIGITAL ECONOMY MINISTER PAYS TRIBUTE TO RAPID ROLL-OUT OF CAMBRIDGESHIRE SUPERFAST BROADBAND PARTNERSHIP Connecting Cambridgeshire … Read more

New Fibre Broadband Capacity Now Added

Connecting of second tie cable at the fibre cabinet in Spaldwick

We’re delighted to announce that new fibre broadband capacity has been added in Spaldwick, and residents wishing to order superfast broadband can now do so again! Our cabinet can now support about 200 premises having superfast broadband, before a further upgrade is required. The photo, below, shows the second tie cable between the new fibre … Read more

Cabinet Reaches Capacity With 40% Fibre Broadband Take-Up, but Don’t Panic!

Firstly, the bad news. When fibre broadband was installed, BT Openreach installed a single cable between the new fibre broadband street cabinet and the existing street cabinet, containing 100 ‘copper pairs’ i.e. 100 pairs of copper wires. This means that only 100 premises could be connected to fibre broadband. Due to the incredibly high take-up … Read more

Superfast Broadband Take-up in Spaldwick Exceeds 30% in Two Weeks!

Following the launch of superfast broadband in Spaldwick, we are closely monitoring the take-up of the service. The take-up of fibre broadband so far has been absolutely incredible. Spaldwick has been full of Openreach and contractor vehicles and engineers, undertaking installations. Sometimes, there have been four vans at a time at the street cabinet. The … Read more

First Superfast Broadband Connection in Spaldwick

The very first superfast broadband connection in Spaldwick was switched on at 10am this morning (Tuesday 1st July 2014). The photo below shows the engineer making the connection. With the new service, connection speeds jumped from about 5 Mbps (download) and under 1 Mbps (upload) to 80 Mbps (download) and 20 Mbps (upload). Many people … Read more

Superfast Broadband Arrives!

Superfast spaldwick is here

It is with great delight that we can announce the arrival of superfast fibre broadband to Spaldwick! You can now order the service from your existing ISP, or you could use this opportunity to change supplier. We recommend that you get your order in as quickly as possible as there will be substantial initial demand, … Read more