Ivy House History Written by Stuart Dixon

Local history enthusiast Stuart Dixon has been continuing to beaver away unearthing the historical secrets of Spaldwick. This week, Stuart brings you the interesting history of Ivy House, situated in High Street, Spaldwick. Stuart says, “Ivy House is the oldest continually habited house in Spaldwick and has a fascinating history.” He continues, “There are connections … Read more

Spaldwick Sign Commemorates the Chandler Brothers

Spaldwick Parish Council recommended that the development of dwellings on Thrapston Road, adjacent to Pound Close, be named Chandlers – to commemorate the untimely deaths of two brothers from Spaldwick, who gave their lives during the First World War 1914-1918. The proposal was put forward by Cllr Richard Johnson, who ultimately paid for the sign to be … Read more

Stuart Dixon Publishes History of Manor Farm

Spaldwick resident and local history enthusiast Stuart Dixon has produced a document on the history of Manor Farm in the village to coincide with its restoration. We will be bringing the latest photos of its restoration shortly! You can view the document (in PDF format) by clicking on the image below, or the following link: Manor … Read more

Internal Photos of Manor Farmhouse

As promised in our last blog post, we are delighted to provide you with the first photographs taken of the inside of Manor Farmhouse in Spaldwick. Thanks to Richard Johnson for providing access. You can find the full set of internal photos by clicking on the following link: View internal photographs of Manor Farmhouse in … Read more

Manor Farm Photos and November Diary Entry

Manor Farm in Spaldwick

Manor Farmhouse is a grade II listed building on the High Street of Spaldwick. Manor Farm was recently purchased by Richard Johnson, who is now in the process of renovating the site. As can be seen on the old aerial photo below, Manor Farm encompasses both the Farmhouse and extensive outbuildings. The timber frame and … Read more

Restoration of Manor Farm House

Latest! View Manor Farm Photos and November 2014 Diary Entry It is fantastic to see that work is well underway by Richard Johnson Restorations of Somersham to restore Manor Farm House in Spaldwick. Manor Farm is a timber-framed and tiled house with projecting upper storey along the street front. It was probably built about 1628, when … Read more

Old Photos Donated by Huntingdonshire District Council

Thank you to Louise Brown of Huntingdonshire District Council for providing eight old photographs of Spaldwick, from an 1950 advert survey undertaken by the Council. You can view the new photos by clicking on the following link: Old photographs of Spaldwick The photo above shows Walton Stores, with adverts for Brooke Bond Tea, Lyons Tea … Read more

Spaldwick Dims for Lights Out

Harold Ashton

Last night – between 10pm and 11pm – Spaldwick became much darker, as many residents took part in Lights Out. This ended the day of ceremonies across the country marking 100 years since Britain entered World War One. On the left is one of the many images posted by Spaldwick residents, with the caption, “Our … Read more

The Axe and Compasses

Thank you very much to Elizabeth Smith for providing a huge range of old Spaldwick photos to add to the Spaldwick archive. Here is a photo of the Axe and Compasses Inn taken by Rev Holland before 1899. You’ll see the name plate above the door bears the name of the landlady  – Mrs Alice … Read more