Job Opportunities in Spaldwick and Stow Longa

After 25 years as Parish Council Clerk at Spaldwick and 12 years at Stow Longa, David Stowell is hoping to retire as soon as replacements can be appointed. If you are interested, or you know someone who may be, David would be pleased to provide any further information required. His email address is

Your Opportunity to Comment on the Spaldwick Service Station Proposals

Here is a message from the Spaldwick Parish Council: The planning system affects life in our community and is vital for delivering benefits. The planning authority, Huntingdon District Council, must consider the parish view before it decides to grant or refuse permission for a development. The parish view must relate to the following material considerations: A … Read more

Spaldwick Sign Commemorates the Chandler Brothers

Spaldwick Parish Council recommended that the development of dwellings on Thrapston Road, adjacent to Pound Close, be named Chandlers – to commemorate the untimely deaths of two brothers from Spaldwick, who gave their lives during the First World War 1914-1918. The proposal was put forward by Cllr Richard Johnson, who ultimately paid for the sign to be … Read more

Spaldwick Tidy Up Starts Saturday 24th October

Update! “Local residents and members of Spaldwick Parish Council spent an enjoyable couple of hours on Saturday 24th October 2015 cutting back the hedgerow along Church Lane in Spaldwick, to improve access and enhance the look of the area. Thanks to everyone who was able to support this Village Tidy Up initiative and to Kim Hall for … Read more

Vacancy on Spaldwick Parish Council as Greg Rice Resigns

Due to upcoming work commitments, Councillor Greg Rice has decided to resign from the Spaldwick Parish Council, thereby creating a casual vacancy. The Parish Council thanks him for all his time and efforts in supporting our community and wish him well in his endeavours. The Clerk has displayed a Notice of Vacancy on the Parish Council … Read more

Introducing a New Lineup for the Spaldwick Parish Council

On 7th May 2015, an uncontested Parish Council election resulted in two new Councillors joining the existing five: Sharan Jackson-Rimmer (Speedwatch co-ordinator); Richard Johnson (tree warden); Greg Rice (Playground inspection); Graham Smith (finance monitoring) and Shonah Wakefield (protected verge monitor and War Memorial Working Group), and the Clerk David Stowell. The two new Councillors are … Read more

Mike Baker Falls to Spaldwick’s Jim White

The results for the Ellington Ward for the District Council election have just been announced. Results are: WHITE Jim (Conservative) 964 votes (50.2% share) BAKER Michael George (Liberal Democrats) 618 votes (32.2% share) MONK Andy (UKIP) 221 votes (11.5% share) GODDARD Kevin Roy (Labour) 111 votes (5.8% share) The total votes cast were 1,919 with … Read more