100 years of Spaldwick

An events in the Victory Hall in Spaldwick

This is the page celebrating 100 years of Spaldwick. During 2014, and with your help, we filled in the timeline below. If you know dates for important developments or events in Spaldwick during this time, please get in touch with Stuart Dixon, Mark Heath or email info@spaldwick.com. If you have any old photos, these would be much appreciated and we can scan them to add to our growing archive.

The photo above shows an event held in 1957 in the Spaldwick Victory Hall, kindly provided by Liz Smith.

YearDescription or Event
1914Population of Spaldwick: 258 (1911 Census)

Britain declares war on Germany (Aug)

Spaldwick resident Harold Ashton (War Correspondent of The Daily News) publishes the book 'First From The Front'. He is son of the grocer in Spaldwick
1915Percy Jules Hulbert becomes Vicar of Spaldwick

Spaldwick's oldest resident - Rhoda Payne - dies aged 104 at the Huntingdon Workhouse. For a long period she has enjoyed the reputation of being the oldest person in the county (Feb)

Arthur Robert Chandler dies in action, aged 25 (Mar)

Walter Whittlesea Dighton dies in action, aged 24 (Nov)
1916Harold Ashton (War Correspondent of The Daily News) publishes the book 'Private Pinkerton, Millionaire'

Percy William Chandler (brother of Arthur, above) dies in action, aged 31 (Jun)

William Woodham dies in action, aged 39 (Oct)

Organ installed in Spaldwick Church (Oct)
1917John William Burton dies from wounds, aged 38 (Apr)

Harold Ashton (War Correspondent of The Daily News) publishes the book 'The Tale of a Tank and other Yarns'
1918John William Chapman dies in action, aged 19 (May)
1919Herbert Theodore Harvard-Jones becomes Vicar of Spaldwick

John H Belton "the well known miller of Spaldwick" dies, aged 71 (Oct)
1921Population of Spaldwick: 262 (1921 Census)

The Bell Inn (a Well's pub) passes to another brewer - Marshall Brothers

Bells rehung in Spaldwick Church

Spaldwick Victory Hall opened by Commander Locker Lampson MP (Dec)
1923Sails of Spaldwick Windmill blown off and are not replaced
1925The Bell Inn ceases to be a pub and became a draper's shop
1928The Spaldwick Funeral Bier presented to the village by Miss A. Busby
1931Population of Spaldwick: 242 (1931 Census)
1938Cap of Spaldwick Windmill comes down
1939Britain declares war on Germany (Sep)
1940Evacuees arrive in Spaldwick (Sep)
1943Donald Robert Church dies in action, aged 24 (May)
1944Leonard Cyril Nickerson dies in action, aged 22 (May)
1950Morley Headlam Wells becomes Vicar of Spaldwick
1951Population of Spaldwick: 284 (1951 Census)
1953Electricity arrives in Spaldwick!

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (Mar)

Lionel Watson Goodwin dies in action in Korea, aged 19 (Apr)

Church spire damaged during a storm (May)
1957Eric Lindsay Forster becomes Vicar of Spaldwick
1958Mid-air collision over Spaldwick, lighting up the sky and pilots killed (13 Jun)
1961Population of Spaldwick: 275 (1961 Census)
1965'Knife and Fork' cafe in existence (in same location as current village shop
1969Spaldwick Primary School opens (as a two-class school)
1971Population of Spaldwick: 271 (1971 Census)
1975Joseph Wilcox becomes Vicar of Spaldwick
1977Silver Jubilee celebrations in Spaldwick (Jun)
1979Mr Ronald Carter buys the Post Office (Walton's House)
1980Michael Jenner becomes Vicar of Spaldwick
1981Secretary of State orders Spaldwick bypass (A604 now A14) (Sep)

Emily Blatch becomes Leader of Cambridgeshire County Council
1983Spaldwick bypass (A604 now A14) opens - five months ahead of schedule (7 Apr)
1986Spaldwick Welcome Club launches (with 16 members, transferring from the former Darby and Joan Club) (Mar)

Ronald Carter applies to redesignate the Post Office (now Walton House) as a dwelling house, on the death of his wife
Church clock restored by Robert Rushbrook (Oct)
1987Andrew Thomas Schofield becomes Vicar of Spaldwick

Spaldwick Primary School extended

Emily Blatch created Baroness Blatch of Hinchingbrooke (4 Jul)
1988'Original' Spaldwick garage closes (May)
1990Spaldwick Primary School extended
1991Population of Spaldwick: 304 (1991 Census)
1992Baroness Blatch becomes Minister of State for Education

Bells rehung in Spaldwick Church when £50,000 was raised for strengthening the Church spire
1994Baroness Blatch becomes Minister of State for the Home Office
1995John Alford becomes Vicar of Spaldwick
1996Littlecotes Close comes into being (Aug)

Ivy Way comes into being (Dec)
1998Flood, affecting some houses (made worse by inadequate drainage) (Mar) - see new flood defences in 2005

Fuller Close comes into being (Dec)
1999Burton Way comes into being (Jul)
2000Opening of the Spaldwick Village Sign by Baroness Blatch (Jul)

Planning permission for a major extension to the Village Hall refused
2001Population of Spaldwick 613 (220 households) (2001 Census)

Jonathan Priestland Young becomes Vicar of Spaldwick

Spaldwick Primary School extended

Baroness Blatch becomes Leader of the Opposition in the House of Lords
2002Village Hall sold (Jun)

Playtimes Playgroup opened by Baroness Blatch (Sep)

Repairs to Spaldwick Church tower and roof
2003Spaldwick School website launches (Jul)

The George closes for extensive refurbishment
2004Broadband launches in Spaldwick from the Woolley exchange (Jul)
2005Baroness Blatch dies (31 May)

Flood defences (costing £280,000) completed in Spaldwick and Ellington, to protect 35 residential and 20 commercial premises
2007Theft of lead from Spaldwick Church roof, costing £15,000 to replace

Father Christmas visits Spaldwick (Dec)
2008Spaldwick News (produced by Mike Townsend) launches (May)

Open Gardens (the first ever?) held (15 Jun)

Louis Smith visits Spaldwick School (Jun)

Village survey carried out for the Spaldwick Parish Plan (Jul)

Spaldwick website launches (Sep)

Harvest thanksgiving (5 Oct)

Father Christmas visits Spaldwick (Dec)

Carol Party (22 Dec)
2009Brian Appleyard wins the Silver Roman Bowl in the annual Round the Island (Isle of Wight) race

David and Charlotte Irwin climb Kilimanjaro

Family and dog walk to Leighton Bromswold (Jun)

The first Spaldwick Fete (in its modern form) (Jul)

Tom Jackson - one of Spaldwick oldest residents - dies, aged 92

Garden Party (Sep)

Barn Dance (Sep)

Harvest Festival Supper (Oct)

New Village Hall Management Committee (Dec)
2010Valentines Ball (Feb)

Spaldwick Open House starts (Mar)

Inaugural event for the Spaldwick Youth Group

Church Garden Party (Jun)

Brian Appleyard wins the Gold Roman Bowl in the Round the Island (Isle of Wight) Race

Spaldwick Fete (Jul)

Young people vote to call the Spaldwick Youth Group 'Escape' (Jul)

Hawaiian Ho-Down

Number 12 shop and deli opens (23 Sep)

First night ever for the Spaldwick Youth Group (26 Nov)

Father Christmas visits Spaldwick (19 Dec)
2011Population of Spaldwick: 631 (2011 Census)

Royal Wedding Garden Party and street party (30 Apr)

Election of new Parish Council (5 May)

Spaldwick Fete (Jul)

Harvest Support (Sep)

Number 12 the Spaldwick Shop wins the Hunts Post award for the best independent retailer in Huntingdonshire (Oct)

Theft of lead from the Church roof (Nov)

Carol Party (Dec)

Father Christmas visits Spaldwick (Dec)
2012Cozy Pubs withdraws from The George and present owners start (Jan)

Valentine's Ball (Feb)

First ever meeting of the Spaldwick Gardening Club (14 Mar)

Spaldwick Funeral Bier restored by Wally Smith

First Easter Fayre (14 Apr)

Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations in Spaldwick (4 Jun)

Spaldwick Fete (Jul)

Jo Corbin - Spaldwick's oldest resident - dies aged 98 (15 Aug)

Harvest Supper (21 Oct)

Carol Party (18 Dec)
2013Quiz Night (19 Jan)

Easter Fayre (13 Apr)

Paul Hall collects an MBE at Buckingham Palace for his coaching of Olympic medal winner Louis Smith (9 Jun)

Internet voting for Scarecrow competition launches (Jul)

Spaldwick Fete

Harvest Support (29 Sep)

Church Carol Party (17 Dec)

Father Christmas visits Spaldwick (22 Dec)
2014Number 12 shop and deli launches Internet shopping

Burns Night at The George (24 Jan)

Vicar Jonathan Young retires, age 70 (Feb)

New Vicar, Stephen Bowring, takes over (16 Feb)

First St George's Day celebration held in The George (23 Apr)

Open Gardens (22 Jun)

Superfast fibre broadband arrives (24 Jun)

Spaldwick Fete (13 Jul)
2015Number 12 shop and deli closes (Jun)
Arson attack on Spaldwick service station (Aug)

Spaldwick Fete (Jul)

Transmission of first Ultra HD TV channel via superfast broadband (Aug)

Service Station fire (Aug)
2020COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic

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