Spaldwick Parish Council

Spaldwick Parish Council

The Spaldwick Parish Council usually meets monthly on a Thursday at 8pm in the Community Room at Spaldwick School. Parish councils in England are the first tier of local government. Parish Council meetings usually discuss a range of matters, including planning applications and ongoing activity within the Parish of Spaldwick, such as items brought to the attention of the Council by Spaldwick residents.

There are around 10,000 local councils in England and Wales, made up of nearly 100,000 councillors. They deliver a range of services at a community level and their role is to represent the local community, provide services to meet local needs and improve quality of life and community wellbeing.

You are welcome to attend Parish Council meetings

You are most welcome to attend these meetings, so please come along!

Latest news

Latest news from the Spaldwick Parish Council can be found on its own Facebook page:

Spaldwick Parish Council Facebook page

Agenda and minutes

The latest agenda and minutes from previous Parish Council meetings can be found here on the Council’s own website:

Spaldwick Parish Council website

Contact the Parish Council Clerk

In order to contact the Spaldwick Parish Council, please write to:

Sarah Cardwell (Clerk to Spaldwick Parish Council)
63 Highfield Avenue
Alconbury Weston
PE28 4JS