Spaldwick Escape Group: Connections Bus attracts young people

Young people climbed on board the Connections Bus Project, when it arrived in Spaldwick on Wednesday 17th October 2010. It was organised by the Spaldwick Youth Group ‘Escape’. The Connections Bus Project runs mobile drop-in youth facilities operating from a double-decker bus. The bus had a wide selection of resources, including Internet-linked PCs, games consoles, … Read more

Spaldwick Parish Council: new website launched

We welcome the new Spaldwick Parish Council website, which has recently gone live. This is a valuable addition to the village. The website, which is controlled by the Spaldwick Parish Council, currently provides minutes of Council meetings and will contain  further information on how the Council represents its Parishioners.  Items discussed include the site for … Read more

Spaldwick: New website and blog for Spaldwick village

Welcome to the new Spaldwick website! It has been redesigned and brought bang up-to-date, and includes many new features. It incorporates an advanced content management system, to make it easier to add content and manage the website. The website now has a blog, for news, on the front page. This will be regularly updated, and … Read more

Spaldwick: Photos of Spaldwick village in 1965

Thanks to Gery E. Mills for sending in some old Spaldwick photos. He says, “I have enjoyed your Spaldwick Website and since you are requesting old pictures of Spaldwick, I have attached a few. I am an American that was in the USAF and stationed at Alconbury but lived in Spaldwick with my wife from … Read more

Spaldwick School: Youths caught on CCTV

In the early hours of Wednesday 1st September, a group of young people were recorded on CCTV, within the school grounds. Members of the group climbed onto the school roof, damaging the TV aerial, and completely snapped off a metal chimney. The group also set light to a domestic wheelie bin within the school grounds, … Read more