History of Spaldwick Church

It is believed that a small stone church was here in Spaldwick in the late 12th century, of which the north wall and small parts of the east wall remain. The Church of St James the Great in Spaldwick is a Grade 1 listed building.

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History of Spaldwick Church tower and spire

The height from the ground to the top of the Spaldwick Church spire is 46 metres (152 feet). Construction of the tower commenced about the middle of the 14th century. The tower, together with its spire, was completed by the end of the 14th century.

There was a cessation of this work about half way up the tower, which may have been caused by the Black Death (1349). The spire was struck by lightning on 30th May 1904 and was partly rebuilt. The spire was again damaged during a storm on the 25th May 1953.

Timeline for Spaldwick Church

Here is a timeline of major developments for St James Church, Spaldwick:

  • Small church in existence in Spaldwick (late 12th century)
  • South aisle added (1250)
  • Font added (13th century)
  • Chancel and chancel arch rebuilt (early 14th century)
  • Construction of the tower commenced (middle 14th century)
  • Temporary cessation of the tower construction (due to the Black Death) (1349)
  • Tower and spire completed (by the end of the 14th century)
  • South aisle and porch rebuilt (1500)
  • Spire rebuilt (1850)
  • Whole church restored (1863)
  • Spire struck by lightning (30th May 1904)
  • Organ installed (October 1916)
  • Spire damaged during a storm (25th May 1953).

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